Using CloudBridal

Initial Data Import

If you're coming to CloudBridal from a different system, or if you want a quicker way to create your initial data, you can use the Data Import feature. At the moment, this only supports the initial import of Inventory Items, but we eventually plan to expand this to other entities like Customers and Vendors later on. To begin your data import, simply follow these steps:

Import Inventory Items

  1. Visit the Data Import page.

  2. Download the Template File in the Import Inventory Items section.

  3. The template file is an excel file that has the following sheets at the bottom: Dresses, Accessories, Veils, Other, and Childrenswear. Simply go through these sheets and fill in your data in each respective table.

  4. Once you fill out the file, verify your upload by clicking the Upload Completed Template button and uploading your filled-in file. CloudBridal will validate that the file looks correct by displaying the number of detected items for each type: image-90

  5. If the verification results look correct, you may click the Begin Import button. You will receive an email when the import process has finished with the results of the import.

Running the Import Multiple Times

You can run the import process as many times as you want. If the importer detects the same inventory item based on the vendor name and the item name/style ID, it will update that item instead of creating a new inventory item (note: must be an exact case-sensitive match). Re-running the import process is a good way to make quick changes to a sheet that you've already uploaded in the past.