Configuring CloudBridal

Managing Your Staff Members

Staff Members can be managed in the Staff Members & Roles section of CloudBridal. It's a good idea to add all of your staff into CloudBridal, even if they don't need to have their own CloudBridal account. If you click the New Staff Member button, you will be able to set the following fields:

  • Name: Full name
  • Wage per Hour: Hourly wage, used to calculate their salary from their tracked time.
  • Role: If a staff member has their own CloudBridal account, this ensures that they can only view and manage things that are relevant to their job.
  • Time Tracker Pin Code: If you use the time tracker feature, this allows the staff member to clock in and out. A pin code prevents accidents like clocking in as another staff member.
  • Sales Associate: Whether this staff member is a sales associate, used when assigning a sales associate to a customer.
  • Seamstress: Whether this staff member is a seamstress, used when assigning a seamstress to an order as well as work orders.

After creating a staff member, you can click the green pencil icon to edit the staff member, which provides the following additional options:

  • Inactive and Login Suspended: If a staff member no longer works at your store, you can mark them as inactive. Staff members cannot be deleted, so this is how you can hide them from the system.
  • Registration Code: We don't recommend you use this, but you can give your staff member this code, which they can enter into the registration questionnaire after creating an account. That will associate them to your account and will assign them to the staff member that you created.

In the Manage Staff Members table, you are given an overview of your active staff. Additionally, you have the following options:

  • Display Inactive: Checking this will show your inactive staff members in case you need to refer to them for any reason.
  • Invite Staff Member: Each unregistered staff member will have an Invite button in their row. This is the recommended way to invite staff members, and it will allow you to email them a direct invitation to CloudBridal.


Roles are an important way to define the permissions that a staff member has. By default, there is a single role: the Admin role, which has full access to your account. This special role cannot be deleted or modified. You have the ability to add additional roles as well by clicking the New Role button. Doing so will open a dialog with the following fields:

  • Name: The name you wish to give the role. It's a good idea to use names like Manager, Sales Associate, Seamstress, etc. Basically, a role in CloudBridal is similar to the roles that you hire for in your shop.
  • Permissions: There are many permissions that control what the role can do in CloudBridal. You should go through the list and check the boxes for the actions that the role can perform. For example, a Sales Associate may be able to View and Manage customers, but should not be able to Manage settings. You should pick the settings that make sense for the role. The best practice is to use the minimum set of permissions that a staff member in the role needs to be able to effectively do their job.

Bonus Settings

At the moment, the bonus calculation that CloudBridal uses is intended to reward sales associates for maintaining a high sales ratio relative to the number of appointments that they run. Be aware that the bonus is only calculated for Bridal Dress sales in the date range specified for the Staff Member report in the Reports tool. The formula is as follows:

(Total Sales - (Total Appointments * Minimum Bonus Ratio)) * Bonus Per Item Sold

CloudBridal allows you to configure the following fields:

  • Minimum Bonus Ratio: This is the minimum percentage of successful appointments that a sales associate must maintain in order to qualify for a bonus. For example, a value of 0.2 means that a sales associate must make a sale for 20% of their appointments in order to qualify for a bonus. Each sale after the minimum counts toward the bonus.
  • Bonus per Item Sold: This is the bonus that an associate will receive for each item after they meet their minimum bonus ratio.

This can certainly be confusing, and may not be applicable to your store's setup, so don't feel obligated to use this bonus calculation in any capacity. You can always run your own reports through the Reports tool and calculate your bonuses accordingly.