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Printing Inventory Labels

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CloudBridal allows you to quickly and efficiently print labels for your inventory items using a DYMO label printer.


  • A Dymo LabelWriter Label Printer (550 series recommended)
  • The latest DYMO Connect software installed on your computer. See DYMO user guide.
  • DYMO Labels (SKU 30252, 30320, 30323, 30330, or 30334)

Setting Up Your DYMO Printer

  1. NOTE: Install the DYMO Connect software before plugging in your printer for the first time.
  2. After installing the software, plug in your DYMO printer to your computer and to your power outlet.
  3. Load your DYMO labels into the printer per the instructions provided with the printer.
  4. Print a test label using the DYMO Connect software to ensure that you have set up the printer correctly.

Printing Labels in CloudBridal

  • From the Item Details: You can print a label for an inventory item directly from the inventory item's detail page. Simply click into the inventory item and click the Print Label button at the top.
  • From the Inventory: You can print labels for multiple items at the same time. In the inventory list, click the Print Labels button and select one or more items to print labels for. Then click the Begin Print button.

Both methods will open the same label printing screen that will allow you to configure your label settings and print your labels:

The label printing screen in CloudBridal

The Label Printing Screen

When printing an item, you will be presented with each variant of that item that you have in your inventory. You can change the quantity of labels to print if you have multiple items of the same variant. Additionally, you can toggle variants off if you would like to skip printing their label.

  • Label Size: Choose the SKU/size of the label that you are printing on. If you have a DYMO 550 series printer, the label size will be automatically detected.
  • Printing Settings: Allows you to show or hide details about the inventory item such as the retail price, item type, etc.

When everything looks good, you can click the Print button to begin printing your labels.

Additional Settings

You can customize some of the default selections in the label printing screen. This is done in the Inventory Item Settings under the Label Printing Settings section. This is handy if you always print with the same type of label, or if you always want your labels to look a certain way without having to change the settings each time.