Using CloudBridal

Staff Time Tracking

Ultimate Plan

The staff member time tracking feature makes it very easy for your staff to clock in and out. To begin, simply navigate to the Staff Members & Roles page in the settings and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Employee Time Tracker section. There is no configuration that needs to be done. You will see a Direct Link field that contains a unique link for your account.

We highly recommend having a tablet or similar device available for your staff to access this link in the store. All you need to do is bookmark the Direct Link on the device's internet browser, and have it be available for staff members.

When you navigate to the link, you will be presented with a very simple interface that has two fields:

  • Select your name: This is where your staff will select their name from the list. This list is pulled from your list of staff members that you can modify in the Staff Members & Roles Settings page.
  • Enter your pin code: This is a pin code that you can either define for your staff, or have them provide to you. This should be something they can easily remember. A staff member's pin code can be set by editing their entry in the Staff Members & Roles Settings page. The reason why this field is necessary is to prevent accidental check-ins and check-outs by mistakenly clicking the wrong name.

Once the staff member enters these two fields, they will automatically be prompted to either click Begin Day or End Day. CloudBridal also prevents the wrong button from being clicked by only allowing the staff member to click one of the options, depending on whether they have clocked in or not for the day previously.image-56The staff member is prompted to begin their day.

After the staff member clocks in, they will be able to view their Check-In Time, and can then click Confirm to check-in, which resets the form so that other staff members may use it later.image-57After clicking Begin Day, the staff member sees a summary and is prompted to confirm.

When the staff member is finished to the day, they simply need to repeat the same process and then click End Day. After that point, they will see their final summary for the day. Their Total Time Worked will display at this point, with their time to the minute.image-58

As the administrator, you can make view or make changes to your staff's time entries on the Staff Schedule page. This page contains a calendar with time blocks for each staff member based on their work time. Incomplete or in-progress shifts are highlighted red.image-59The calendar displays your staff's time blocks.

If you click on a time block, it will bring up an interface that allows you to view or make changes to the specific time block.image-60You can view, edit, or delete your staff's time blocks.

Finally, in order to figure out how much time a staff member has worked in a given time range, you can use the Staff Member report. To view the documentation on how to use the reporting tool, please click here.