Configuring CloudBridal

Inventory Item Settings

The Inventory Item Settings page includes the following configurations related to your inventory:

  • Prices Include Tax: This setting means that the price you set for the inventory item is tax inclusive, so when you create an order for this item, the tax will calculate in such a way to make the total price equal to the price that you set on the inventory item. This setting is a good idea to enable in countries where the advertised price of an item includes tax, such as the UK. Other countries like the US calculate taxes at checkout, so it is not recommended to use this setting there.
  • Inventory Item Types: In this section, you can disable specific inventory item types that you may not carry in your shop, such as Childrenswear.
  • Selectable Options: This section allows you to set the various inventory options that are selectable for an item. They have been pre-populated with several options, but you can add or remove options as needed.
  • Inventory Item Additional Options: We don't recommend that you use this. This is a legacy setting that allows you to create a list of custom checkboxes on an inventory item's page that you can check or uncheck. It's better to use Custom Fields instead, which offers similar functionality but with more overall features.

Field Setup

At the top of the settings page, you will see a Field Setup menu item that you can click to begin configuring exactly how your inventory details page fields should function.

  • Custom Fields: See the Custom Field configuration documentation to learn more about how to set up custom fields.
  • Default Field Configuration - Dresses: This section allows you to configure the fields that should display and/or be set as required for the Dress inventory item type. The Required flag will cause an error to appear when trying to save the inventory item if a value is not provided.
  • Default Field Configuration - Non-Dresses: This is the same as the above configuration, but specifically for all non-dress inventory item types.