Configuring CloudBridal

Work Order Settings

The Work Order settings page allows you to set the following configurations:

  • Disable the Work Orders Feature: This will hide the Work Orders tab in the CloudBridal side bar.
  • Default Work Order Mode: This will set the default selected work order mode when you create a new work order. You will still have the option to set any work order mode when creating a new work order. The available modes are:

Track Time: The system automatically tracks how long a worker spends on a work order. The cost of a completed work order is displayed as the worker's wage per hour multiplied by the number of hours tracked.

Flat Fee: The system will not automatically track time for the work order. Instead, the assigner enters a flat fee for the work order.

No Cost Tracking: The system will not enforce any cost tracking or time tracking for the work order.

  • Work Order Additional Work Options: This allows you to define a custom list of common work options that can be checked when creating a new work order.
  • Default Due Days (Days Before Event Date): Setting a value here will automatically calculate the due date of a work order based on the customer's event date.